B2B Media

Lawyers and notaries:

We run our renowned specialist legal information providers together with the German Lawyer Association and the German Notary Association.

Deutscher Anwalt Verlag

The first place to turn for practical lawyer’s knowledge

Deutscher Notar Verlag

Specialist information for all professions represented in the notary’s office

Zap Verlag

Since 1989 a reliable partner of the German legal profession

zerb Verlag

Publishing house with focus on inheritance law in Germany and Europe

One of the leading providers of training for specialist lawyers

Business and public authorities:

Our subsidiaries include the leading specialist publishers and seminar organizers for public administration and business.


Specialized information for administration, social affairs, Bundeswehr and economy


Specialized information for the public administration, companies and associations


Publishing house for specialized information and forms, and official partner of the German Bundeswehr

Deichmanns Fuchs

Specialist information for IT security, data protection, job security, employee participation


Online sytem house with solutions for holistic eGovernment

Hairdressers and cosmetics:

In the beauty industry, we are represented with a wide range of media and trade fairs for cosmeticians as well as nail and foot care professionals.


The leading professional journal for hairdressers in German-speaking countries

im Salon

Professional online magazine and career portal for Germany and Austria

TOP Hair Messe

A trade fair that offers a comprehensive industry overview

Kosmetik international Verlag

Specialist media for cosmeticians and nail & pedicure professionals

Kosmetik international Messe

Beauty as a profession: cosmetics trade fairs for over 30 years


Award for honoring outstanding skin care service providers

Crafts and private builders:

Furthermore, we provide leading special interest magazines, journals, special publications, websites and an award for junior staff.


Media for trade and craft with focus on the food industry

Grips & Co

Competition for the title Best Newcomer in Food Retail”

Media for the target group of private builders and modernizers